Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

pregnancy announcement ideas


You’ve just found out you’re pregnant and are now wondering how to tell the world. You might be wondering if you should go with a serious and straightforward approach, a funny and lighthearted approach, or an artsy and creative approach. Since you only have a single chance to share the news of this pregnancy, it’s important to weigh your options. Here are a few pregnancy announcement ideas that can help you choose what’s best for you.

Couple Holding the Sonogram

This may be the most popular style of pregnancy announcement. It’s you, your husband and your child’s first family photo. Also, if you’ve been feeling really under the weather for your first trimester, it’s a fun reason to dress up and capture this monumental moment in your life.

Letter Board with Design

A simple and classy letter board announcement is always in style! This can be something as simple as “Baby Doe coming in April 2022” or “Baby Boy Jones due in February 2022.” By using a simple announcement, you are telling the world your news and answering people’s question of when they are due.  

Pet Help

For those who are close to their pets and think of them as a significant part of the family, consider incorporating them in your pregnancy announcement. Having your dog sit next to a sign that says “my parents are getting me a human in Jan 2022” or “guard dog duty starts March 2022” are sweet ways to share your news. Especially if you’ve been outward about you and your pet’s close relationship on social media.

Baby Clothes

It’s never too early to shop for baby clothes! By sharing a photo of a onesie, a pacifier, and some baby shoes, the message you’re trying to get across is clear. Plus, you can use these clothes when your baby arrives! Duray Baby has soft and breathable bamboo baby and infant clothing perfect for your pregnancy announcement.


If you want to take a lighter approach, you can go with a funny announcement. For example, you could take a photo with your husband that has an arrow pointing to you that says “eating for two” and his arrow that reads “drinking for two.” Or you could show a picture of a bread in the oven with the caption “bun in the oven.” The best part of being creative and funny is that people will appreciate your pregnancy announcement whatever you end up posting.

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