Tips for Traveling with a Newborn

If you’re like me, taking the kids anywhere takes a ton of preparation. From making a list of packing the essentials, to the list of snacks you need to buy, it feels like it takes multiple days to pack. So if you’re one of the millions of people fitting in one last flight before the fall kicks off, check out these tips for traveling with a baby, and help cut your preparation time (and headache time) in half. 

Get to the airport early

One of the biggest worries for parents is making it to the airport on time since having kids (and especially babies) can cause unforeseen delays. So, if you account for an extra hour to get to the airport, it won’t matter if you run across construction traffic, your baby needs a surprise feeding, or your toddler throws a tantrum. It’s always better to have an extra hour at the gate than missing your flight by 5 minutes.

Wear your baby

I cannot emphasize this enough: wear your baby! Whether you choose to use a sling, wrap, or carrier, wearing your baby frees up your hands. If you have a toddler and a newborn, wearing you baby can free up your hands to help you toddler with something and potentially prevent a meltdown mid airport. The best thing about a carrier is that it folds up small so once you’re on the plane, you can fold up your sling and go about your flight.

Bring new toys

Going to the store and picking out a few new toys for your kids will do wonders. Just like at home, your kids will get tired of playing with the same toys over and over and they won’t hold the attention of your kids for as long as you would like. By buying three never-before-seen toys, your child will stay busier for longer, and your sanity will last longer as well. 

Pack a few different cozy outfits

As you know, babies go through many outfits during the day, so you’ll need to plan for this on the flight. Bring 3 breathable outfits (like Duray Baby’s zippered onesies use code BLOG20 to save 20% OFF) that keep your baby comfortable. When your baby is uncomfortable, then you are uncomfortable.

Pack as light as you can

The last thing you need is to bring too much luggage while trying to manage multiple kids through the airport. If you can, try to consolidate small bags into one large bag. And have your older kids be responsible for their own backpacks. The fewer things you must carry, the less the chance is that you will lose something along the way.

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