Top 5 Newborn Essentials

Becoming a parent for the first time, or for the first time in years can be overwhelming. With all of the baby products out on the market, it’s tough to know what products and brands are worth the money, and what dupes do the job for less. Well, from one mom to another, here are my top 5 newborn essentials.

Sound Machine

A sound machine is one of my top 5 newborn essentials for any mom. Whether it’s other kids, dogs, music, tv, or squeaky floorboards, there are bound to be other noises in the house while your baby is sleeping. To avoid a wake up, play white noise on a sound machine for your baby. Additionally, in the early newborn days, the white noise can mimic the womb and be comforting for your newborn. My recommendation: Hatch Baby Sound Machine.

Breathable Footies

As much as itty bitty baby clothes are adorable, the fact of the matter is that newborns basically live-in zippered one piece clothing. So, it’s important that you invest in high quality, comfortable and practical onesies. More specifically, bamboo  are great as they can help regulate your baby’s body temperature. Additionally, zip up onesies are great for convenient diaper changes. Duray Baby has various styles of footies that are practical and cute for your newborn. My recommendation: Duray Baby.

Sleep Sack

A sleep sack can be the difference in a 2 hour stretch of sleep and a 4 hour stretch of sleep for your newborn. There are many types of swaddles on the market, but my personal favorite was the Halo Sleep Sack. In the middle of the night, you want the least work possible so you and your baby can go right back to sleep. With a Velcro sleep sack you just need to lay your baby in the sack, hold their arms down, and fold the flaps in and then Velcro. It’s important to note that when babies can roll over, it’s time to transition out of the swaddle. My recommendation: Halo Sleep Sack.

Electric Nail Filer

Baby fingernails are very thin, so they don’t need when they get long. While the baby fingernail clippers are cute and small, there is still a risk of cutting your baby’s nail too short, or accidentally clipping some of their skin so they bleed. An electric nail filer can simply file your newborn’s nail down without introducing any sort of blade. The best part is, if you accidentally file over the tip of their finger, it causes zero harm. My recommendation: Royal Angels Baby.

Baby Carrier

A good way to multitask with a newborn is to wear your baby in a carrier. This frees up your hands so you can put the dishes away, fold laundry, cook, or do whatever else needs to be done around the house. It can also be stimulating for your baby if you are both walking around the house. Additionally, if you have a newborn who can only fall asleep on you and refuses to be set down, wearing the baby allows your baby to nap while you can knock things off your checklist. My recommendation: Tula Baby Carrier.

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