What to Pack In Your Hospital Bag

what to pack in your hospital bag

Packing your hospital bag is exciting as it means you are close to welcoming your baby! While most facilities have a lot of the items that you’ll need, it’s always nice to have what you want right at your fingertips. And let’s just say, your own clothes and your baby’s clothes will be much cuter than what the facilities will provide. Here’s what to pack in your hospital bag.

For the one giving birth

You’ll want to pack extra copies of your birth plan so you can distribute to whoever is helping you deliver. If your nurse or midwife ends their shift before you give birth, you’ll easily be able to communicate your birth plan via document. Additionally, it’s good to bring a sports bra or a robe for you to lounge in while laboring. After baby is born, you’ll need nipple balm, chapstick, an extra-long phone charging cord and extra hair ties. While the hospital may have these things, it’s always nice to have a little piece of home with the comfort of a familiar item. Additionally, if you’re planning to breastfeed, consider bring a nursing pillow so the early days of nursing can be as comfortable as possible.

For the newborn

If there is only one thing you bring to the hospital make it a car seat. It’s a good idea to install the base of the car seat weeks before so it’s ready to go when you go into labor. Your baby will also need a going home outfit and this is a chance for you to style your baby for their first photoshoot. Many moms announce the birth with their baby in the going home outfit. Comfortable zippered one piece footies with cute patterns (such as Duray Baby’s bamboo footies) are super soft and perfect for your newborn. BLOG20 will save you 20% off of your purchase. Finally, consider bringing little items like socks, mitts, hats, and a nail file so you can help you baby be comfortable no matter the climate of your room.

For your partner

Your partner will likely be spending a ton of time with you and will get hungry. While you get your meals included, you partner may have to provide their own food for at least part of the stay. They will also need to bring an extra-long phone cord and toiletries so they can be comfortable during their stay.

When you're packing your hospital bag, make sure to bring these essentials, but keep in mind your room will likely be small so there isn’t a ton of room to over pack either!

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