Why Choose Bamboo Fabric For Your Little’s Clothing?

why choose bamboo fabric for your little's clothing


Finding clothes that are stylish yet comfortable can prove to be a challenge as a parent. The set of pajamas you just bought for your two-year-old may be cute, but the fabric might not breathe as much as your toddler would like. That’s why so many parents today are turning to bamboo clothes for their children. With silky smooth, temperature regulating bamboo fabric, it’s no wonder Duray Baby’s clothing is a hit among kids and parents alike.

Silky Smooth

Comfort is a top essential for children’s clothing. If you’ve ever tried a pair of bamboo bed sheets, you know how silky smooth it feels to crawl into bed at the end of the day. Now, imagine clothing sets that are made of bamboo fabric. Duray Baby uses a soft bamboo fabric that fits like a second skin. It’s tight enough to provide security, yet loose enough to provide comfort for your child.

Temperature Regulating

Making sure your child isn’t too warm or too cool while they sleep is among the top sleep concerns for a parent. Bamboo pajamas have a neat function of keeping your child warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Because of the micro-gaps in bamboo fabric, your child will be comfortable regardless of the season. It’s no wonder Duray Baby’s Bamboo blankets are top sellers, as the are soft, keep kids warm, and remain breathable.


Did you know bamboo clothing is moisture wicking? Bamboo fabric has a natural agent, called Kun, that effectively prevents the growth of bacteria. So even if your child sleeps warm and tends to sweat, the bamboo pajamas will absorb the moisture and keep your child feeling dry and comfortable all night long.

Less Allergies and Rashes 

Bamboo is the best fabric on the market for little ones with sensitive skin! Bamboo clothing is hypoallergenic therefore eliminating allergy-inducing sneezing and rashes caused by certain fabrics. Additionally, the breathability of Duray Baby’s bamboo clothing will help eliminate sweat induced rashes.

Aside from all these key benefits of bamboo clothing, Duray Baby offers a fun and unique pattern selection that will let your little one’s personality shine! Take a look at our collection of pajamas, two pieces sets, blankets, and accessories and start giving your child the gift of stylish and comfortable clothing!

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